ADG Eco meets Air-force One

The executive team at ADG Eco Lighting Products a division of Architectural Detail Group, Inc held its 3rd quarter strategy session today August 10, 2011 at the Reagan Library.

Today under Air Force One at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library the team worked diligently and successful to build layers of the 2012 strategic mission. AS Charter Members of the National Eco Friendly Lighting Dealers Association we are striving to create a better and great brand of American Made products.  Beings inspired to work at the Hangar at the Reagan created a feeling of accomplishment and power. .

Gerald Olesker CEO is a member of Friends of the Reagan and thought how powerful it would be to plan a capital and strategic goal session under Air Force One.

Joey Gennaro brought key issues in manufacturing and team member worked to review and plan accordingly.  Using tools like Verne Harnish’s one page strategic plan and Jim Collins BHAG methods, a plan is being built.

Key strategic mission was to complete a BHAG and mission critical strategies to ADG Eco sustainability program and funding for clients with growth and problem solving at the core.

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“And as we liftoff aboard Air Force One…the winds of freedom will be propelling my mission… As I fly westward over our majestic land, I go knowing that we´re witnessing an awakening to those self–evident truths to which our forefathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.”
– Ronald Reagan, April 23, 1986

The plane sites in hills of Wood Ranch in Simi Valley California.

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